Travelling by sea means letting the gaze wander on the curves of the shores, playing to distinguish its shapes.
It means abandoning yourself into the blue of the horizon and imagining the land that suddenly emerges at the end of the journey.

Our task is to make the dream of those who wish to take this journey come true. Giving shape to the imagination of our customers, designing and building luxury mega yachts on board of which it will be easy to forget that time goes by, but difficult to forget the time spent on board.

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Since 2001, year in which our company was founded, at the heart of project we always placed the wishes, ideas, and expectations of the people that rely on ISA Yachts’ knowhow. We create tailor made dreams around these ideas: boats that today represent excellence for the quality of materials, finishes, technology and design.

In just 14 years we delivered 32 luxury mega yachts. 5 of these projects were completed despite the economic downturn that affected, and still affects, the markets.

Today, those who rely on our skills know we are a strong company. Those who choose us do so because of the style and high quality products in this niche market that we are able to offer and create.



The distinguishing features of our luxury mega yachts are the maximum level of customization and the strong influence of the made in Italy.
ISA Yachts are easy to recognize thanks to the hard work of skilled hands: those of the highly qualified professionals that are part of our work team, engineers, technicians, designers, and many others.

50,000 square meters of shipyard space, of which 18,000 square meters are covered construction sites, administrative offices, warehouses for on-site plant installation and joinery processes; this allow us to work on each project with maximum care for details, with an approach that is highly focused on the client and on-going teamwork.

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