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Assistance & Refit

Lifetime Support

ISA Yachts takes care of every yacht, even after the delivery,
granting the maximum assistance and support to its Owner
and crew. For both ordinary or special repairs, our shipyards
will take care of your yacht with the same passion and
quality that marked their building.

Sailing should be pure pleasure, that’s why we take care of
every practical aspect, leaving only the enjoyment to
the Owner.

Our Clients can rely on a team of professionals always ready
for technical needs, advices or urgent on-site service visits,
wherever they are.

Our service network is made by five shipyards in the main
Mediterranean areas (Ancona, Napoli, Malta, Savona, Marsiglia),
that allow us to reach directly our Clients in Europe.







ISA superyachts are timeless beauty icons, always
charming and up to date.
We are always at your disposal in case you want to refit
your yacht or make some changes driven by new needs.

ISA Yachts could rely on the experience and know-how
of Palumbo SY, belonging to the same group and repair
and refit leader in the Mediterranean.

Palumbo SY is a reliable and recognized partner,
that can perform every project of refit,
maintenance and conversion, to give new life to
your yacht and adding value to ISA Yachts brand.