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After months of intense activity to undertake the important technical processes associated with excavating the seabed, building the underwater containment walls and, not least, transferring the platform on its supporting columns and fixing it on its stands, we are pleased to announce that the new syncrolift is now operating at the Palumbo Superyachts’ Ancona shipyard.
Thus, in addition to its main facilities, the shipyard can now provide also an advanced syncrolift service thanks to the installation of its new “Ship Lift Platform 3300”, capable of handling mega yachts up to 3300 tons and 110 metres in length.
Technically, the whole system consists of an 81m long and 19m wide steel platform, supported by 14 large winches allowing to lift/ launch mega yachts with a maximum draft of 6 metres.
The new syncrolift, which required an investment of around 6 million euros, will be used for the construction as well as the refit of large vessels.
Palumbo Superyachts Ancona strengthens its identity as the major shipbuilding reference in the Adriatic and, spreading over a 50,000 square metre area with 10 piers and a 560-ton travel lift, it can accommodate ships up to 100 metres in length as well as providing crew offices and ship chandlers. The syncrolift will be inaugurated on the occasion of the launch of the Columbus 80m “Dragon”, scheduled for mid-March 2019.