Finally united!

Travelling waterborne from Naples to Ancona,
the hull of the Columbus 80m has been coupled to the superstructure.

The 10-day trip on a barge from Naples to Ancona has ended: the three steel lower decks of the new Columbus 80m, one of the largest yachts ever built in Italy, are ready to be married to the three aluminum top ones made in Ancona. The unprecedented building process for such size of a yacht was possible thanks to the 50 years of experience of Palumbo Group in the business, with the largest network of shipyards in the Mediterranean specialized in repair, maintenance, refit and building of commercial ships and megayachts.

In particular, the complex sequence involved the unload of the hull from the barge, coupling it to the superstructure, rotating the whole ship, and moving her inside the lately completed shed, capable of accommodating two 110-meter units at once.

By constructing the two parts of the yacht in parallel and not in series, it was possible to maintain the ultimate quality standards required by such a demanding project, while reducing the time to delivery by about eight months. So much so that considering the current stage of the work, 12 months will suffice to see the new Columbus 80m completed and ready to be delivered to her owner.