The powerful expression of energy
in motion, all in a single yacht.


Firouzeh, a medium-sized yacht with powerful expression of energy in motion.

Looking for a mini yacht for sale? Firouzeh is an exemplary of the smallest range of ISA’s semi-custom range collection of composite super yachts measuring just 36.45 metres in length. 

The streamlined exterior and sleek-looking design is the work of Andrea Vallicelli while the interior design comes from the talent of Cristiano Gatto Design Team. An emblematic vision of innovation taken to the extreme, pushing the boundaries beyond the commonplace, inimitable.  A symbol of an aesthetic revolution in the world of medium sized yachts, that has been elegantly put together and achieved by molding ideas and modeling materials into a living dream.  

An unmistakable expression of class among most of the wooden yachts for sale on the market, and a tangible, magical revelation in mid-size yachts world.

That’s why the sixth unit from the multiple award-winning ISA 120 series is one of the bestluxury mini yachts for sale in its segment.


36,4 m
119,7 ft


7,4 m
24,3 ft

max beam

1,6 m
5,2 ft

max draft

130 t

full load displacement





exterior design & concept andrea vallicelli design
interior design cristiano gatto design