“ISA Yachts will maintain its original mission and style in more innovative and challenging projects. ISA will build luxury mega yachts with a maximum level of customization and distinctive influence of Made in Italy


ISA YACHT built many yacht models with a maximum level of customization.


The “new era” of ISA Yachts has the signature of talented international top designers and Naval Architects.

The restyling of ISA’s GranTurismo, Sport and Classic lines together with the launch of the new supersportivo series will be ambassadors of a new path where the timeless heritage of one of the most celebrated international superyachts brands merge with 50 years of shipbuilding experience: Palumbo

Performances, Elegant Luxury, Sportiveness and Dynamism will be ISA YACHTS’ future portrait.

The Typical and distinctive features, the grand arch and the traditional continuity between the aft stairways revisited in a modern key and stronger appeal enhance the yachts’ sportiveness.
Contemporary and modern interiors, outstanding volumes,  breathtaking panoramic views.

Sleek design, stylish profiles and slender silhouettes characterize the profiles of the new interpretation of ISA YACHTS range.