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Born in 2001 for the construction of innovative
superyachts with superior quality materials,
ISA Yacht is one of the market leader in
superyachts and megayachts building.

Our largest build to date, the stunning 66 meter
superyacht OKTO, has been roaming the seas as
the epitome of style and luxury in her class since
her delivery.

ISA Yachts belongs to Palumbo Superyachts group,
that includes also Columbus, Mondomarine, Extra Yachts.

A fully equipped facility is mandatory to build high
quality yachts. ISA Yachts beating hearth is Ancona
shipyard, cradle of naval culture and strategic center
in the Mediterranean.

Ancona shipyard has 35.000 square meters surface
and includes 4 industrial buildings, offices, Research
and Development department and showroom. It’s fully
equipped with the ultimate facilities and conceived with
the most innovative techniques to allow superyachts
construction up to 120 meters.


Our design team will welcome you in our Ancona
showroom for the choice of materials and furniture.
Time is the most precious luxury, that’s why we created
a space focusing style essence, where we can show you
the project during your visit to the shipyard. Two dedicated
areas can be set up according to your choices to shape your
desires. Simulate the yacht cabins and internal spaces, allow
us to give you a visible effect of the building, so that you
can already feel the atmosphere and shape it to reach the
maximum well-being and comfort.